The Rome-Floyd E.C.O. River Education Center’s mission is to inspire children (over 10,000 in 2019) and adults to experience the ecology of Northwest Georgia.

The aquariums inside the center features fish, turtles and frogs native to the Etowah, Coosa, and Oostanaula (ECO) rivers. Indigenous plantings are located outside the center.

Located in Ridge Ferry Park, the center is designed for use by school groups to learn about the rivers in this area and for general public education.

Tours of the Rome-Floyd E.C.O. River Education Center can be arranged in conjunction with the rental of the Sulzbacher Roman Holiday, the City of Rome’s 45-passenger excursion boat.

The ECO Center was chosen as a meeting place for the Coosa Valley TU chapter for many reasons.

It is centrally located in Rome, has meeting facilities including overhead projectors, PA equipment and podiums and seating for about 100 people.

The displays of fish, reptiles and amphibians as well as other wildlife fits well within the scope of the mission of Trout Unlimited.

Because the ECO Center is located at Ridge Ferry Park it has a lot going on outdoors also.

There is a wetland with elevated trails and kiosks with information about the plants and animals that are residents in this small swamp area.

The water is alive with fish, turtles, plants and trees that are native to north Georgia wetlands. 

Cyprus, lilies and water plantain live in the standing water and contribute to the beauty of the swamp. 

Just outside the front entry of the ECO Center is a living exhibit of plants and flowers that are native to our area.

The Oostanaula River is directly behind the ECO Center and flows toward it's confluence with the Etowah about a mile downstream forming the Coosa River.

As you enter the ECO Center you will notice that there are many living exhibits of fish, reptiles and snakes housed in aquariums both large and huge.

The main aquarium bass and sturgeon as well as other native fish from the rivers.

There is even a live alligator and large turtles.

There are many taxidermy mounts of mammals and birds from the Rome & North Georgia area.

Adult visitors are impressed and the children love comming the the ECO Center.



The ECO Center had been the location of the Trout Unlimited TROUT EXPO for seveal years. usually 


The ECO Center has begun the process of building an indoor trout exhibit based on a mountain stream.

With financial support from the Coosa Valley Chapter there is now a faux rock mountain overhanging a pool with a viewing window.

This is the beginnings of the INDOOR TROUT STREAM EXHIBIT that will hold trout in a nearly natural setting.

There is still much work to be done before the indoor stream is flowing and rainbow and brown trout will be living in the recirculating pools.

This display will have a touch screen monitor that will have information about the life cycles of trout, the basic needs for survival, their habitat and the foods and where various members of their species can be found in Georgia.

This will be an interactive display that will give information not only about trout, but also Trout Unlimited.


For programs, hours and facility rental information please visit the E.C.O. Center website.