Learning to Fly Fish

I was enjoying the warm weather and longer days at the end of January working out in the yard getting the yard ready for spring.  As the day warmed up and the light wind was blowing some of my thoughts moved from things to be done to fishing and my favorite trout stream.  That evening my son and I started remembering how we got into trout fishing.

We started going on our fall camping trips in October 2004 to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and Townsend, Tennessee.  Joseph was 8 and we just hiked and explored.  That year we noticed some guys fly fishing and this sparked some curiosity in my son and I as we had never tried trout fishing or fly fishing.  That Christmas Joseph gave me a fly rod and reel.  It was a Pfleuger 7' 6" 5 weight rod.  This is still my favorite rod. The next fall on our camping trip we both had fly rods and started learning to fly fish and catch those shy wild Smoky Mountain rainbows.

My son and I both became involved with Trout Unlimited and learned so much from the wonderful guys who were so willing to help us learn the sport.  Fishing trips where offered to us like the upcoming trip some of the members are taking to Cherokee, North Carolina.  This is a great trip and you are guaranteed to catch some trout whether fly fishing or spin fishing.  We have been to Cherokee, the White River in Arkansas, and as far away as Canada and enjoyed these trips so much with the TU folks. 

Although these trips have been wonderful, my son and I still hold very fond memories of the time we spent on the Little River and its tributaries that flow through the Great Smokey National Park learning to fish for trout.  The fly shop in Townsend was always our starting point. Our favorite day would begin early.  We would pack a lunch, get our gear together and enjoy the beautiful 20 mile drive through the park to Gatlinburg where we would eat our breakfast. We would fish all morning then go toward Cades Cove and hit the Little River for an afternoon fly hatch.  It is not easy trout fishing, but oh so rewarding!  The scenery is so beautiful that you can even take a non-fishing spouse along and they will enjoy it all.  It is such a perfect blend of earth, water and sky and when you are fishing in the stream you are not only listening to such a beautiful song but you are a part of the music.  That is what trout fishing is all about. 

Trout Expo, Feb 24th


The Smokey Mountains are well worth the time we invested, but a point I'd like to make is that my son and I invested a lot of time trying to learn trout fishing by ourselves.  The Coosa Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited has an event on Saturday,  February 24th that can help you become acquainted with some of the basics of trout fishing and help you to enjoy the sport faster and as I can testify to easier!  The Trout Expo at the Eco Center at Ridge Ferry Park is free to all from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  You can learn the basics of fly fishing or spinning for trout.  Learn how to rig a fly rod and what different lures to use.  You can watch some of our members tying the flies that you can come familiar with and actually use.  Also important is to learn how to cast a fly rod.  We will have casting instruction by members that are excellent and willing to teach you.  Not only will we be promoting fly fishing but trout fishing in general.  Learn about bait fishing and artificial baits and we will have a DNR fishing simulator.  Door prizes will be given away.  There will be so much more and we would like you to learn about what we do at TU.  Again it is free to all!  So come and enjoy.  Mothers and fathers bring your kids and introduce them to a sport that you all can enjoy and help to build fond memories as so many of us have.  My son and I invested a lot of time learning fly fishing and cherish the time spent.  The hour or so that you invest at the Trout Expo on Saturday,  February 25th at the Eco Center at Ridge Ferry Park will be well worth your time. We will be signing up first time members for half price.

If you can't make the Trout Expo please come to our next monthly meeting on the 3rd Thursday every month at 6:30pm at the Eco Center.

Jody Fincher