Raccoon Creek date changed to March 10th.

Raccoon Creek Work Day - New Date & Meet Up Location

Coosa Valley and Cohutta team up for Raccoon Creek work day on March 10
T.U.’s stream projects in Georgia for 2018 will kick off on Saturday, March 10, with a joint effort by the Cohutta and Coosa Valley chapters at Raccoon Creek in Paulding County.
Volunteers will meet at 9 a.m. at the Paulding Wildlife Management Area office at 6700 Braswell Mountain Road in Rockmart, GA 30153. Past volunteers please NOTE: This is not the check-in station that has been our meeting place in past years. Please use your mapping service to find the new location and keep an eye out as you drive for a low-slung beige metal building with a small office beside it.
Plans for the day call for us to work until noon and then gather again at the WMA office for a lunch provided by the Cohutta Chapter. Under the direction of Brent Womack of the Game Division of the state’s Department of Natural Resources, we’ll work to refresh all the footpaths leading to and along the creek. Our job will include cleaning the paths of the low-hanging branches and new shrubby growth that crowd the pathways. Our goal is to make sure that fly fishers can walk the paths with their rods and not snag their rods or lines. We can also expect to remove a fair amount of “snow debris,” the limbs, branches and twigs that fell with winter snows on the pathways and banks.
Please bring with you a pair of good work gloves, sturdy footwear, something to snack on mid-morning (we’ll provide water), and any or all of the following: loppers, pruning shears, hand saws, axes, and shovels. Please also bring your waders and wading boots. At least some of us will get our feet wet crossing the stream to work the far bank. And don’t forget about hats or caps, bug spray and sunscreen.
We’ll have fun. We’ll do good. And we’ll eat well. See you on the 10th!